December 19, 2014

Random 5 on Friday {Dec. 19}

I am happy to be back on track with this week's Random 5 on Friday. I have more plans for posts this weekend, but the last two days made my plans sort of go out the window. I am so thankful it's Friday, aren't you?! 
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1. I had grand plans this week. We were going to be staying on task with our schooling and get a nice solid week of school done. I had plans to start my new "exercise" program. I was doing to cook quite a few things. In fact, we were doing great! Until Thursday...that's when Little Britches went "off his feed" and turned up feverish. Well so much for my week.
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2. I had plenty of time yesterday to use our new thermometer. I LOVE it. I seriously think it's a must for anyone with small children. It is the same style as the one our pediatrician uses where it measures the temperature through the temporal artery on the forehead/temple.

I love that it gets a temperature in about 3-5 seconds, that it has a lit up screen to read the numbers in the middle of the night, that it can be used while they are sound asleep, and that it remembers the last 7 temps you took so you can look through them to see the fever history. This was a VERY good buy earlier this year and though we haven't had to use it much since we purchased it (Thank the Lord), when I do need it, it works like a dream! I can take the whole family's temp within 1 minute! I only wish I purchased it when I was pregnant with Little Britches so I could have spared us 9+ years of underarm, under tongue and ahem..other areas checking that caused a lot of disturbance and fighting and tears! It does fluctuate about .4 between back to back readings, but that's not a big deal to me. I have checked it against the digital before and it's always within .2 of what it says.

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3. I am so thankful for my essential oils and my diffuser. The two places I get most of my essential oils are Mountain Rose Herbs and doTERRA. Lately I've been stocking up on my doTERRA oils just because I've been able to get some great deals and free oils. I love their blends--something I can't get from Mountain Rose Herbs. I truly believe that without these oils, our family would definitely have been plagued by the full blown flu by now.

4. Well, just since I started writing this, Baby Britches just vomited all over the couch. Sigh. Well, so much for hoping that Baby Britches would be spared. I've got him oiled up and I have the diffuser going with a purification oil to help clean the air and nasty smell. As well as kill those germies before they hit me and Love-Of-My-Life! Definitely oiling everyone up tonight and running BOTH of our diffusers to try to purify the air. Some of my favorite solo oils for this are oregano, lemon, and eucalyptus! Cinnamon is a great oil to add too. To purify your air with a blend, pick a purification blend like Purify from doTERRA or Purification from Young Living. Or there are the old faithfuls On Guard (DT) and Thieves (YL)--great for the air and the immune system!

5. I have cinnamon rolls ready for frosting. I love homemade cinnamon rolls with fresh made cream cheese frosting. I do love my own recipe, but truly there is something magical of the rolls from Cinnabon. mom and I used to share one whenever we would go to the mall and eagerly work our way to the middle. Because EVERYONE knows the middles ARE the best. After the days that I've had and getting puked on...I deserve a big cinnamon roll with lots of frosting.

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December 7, 2014

Serving Pancakes

You never know where you will learn a life lesson. Sometimes it comes through the simple act of making pancakes for breakfast.

A Lesson In Serving Pancakes

Love-Of-My-Life and Little Britches were hard at work in the classroom this morning. We purchased a new desk and they were working together (kind of) to take apart the old one. Baby Britches kept getting in the way. So he left the room.

I was in the kitchen making pancakes (everyone's favorite breakfast), and noticed that Baby Britches was missing. We found him up behind the new TV, currently on the coffee table since it doesn't fit in our current entertainment center (we have a new one on order). So we had him get down and then he wandered away again.

Recognizing the lack of his voice in the house, I searched for him and discovered him just sitting all alone on my jacuzzi tub steps in my bathroom. He was rather morose and not his usual perky self. So I knelt down and picked him up. As I carried him into the other room I asked him what was wrong several times. "Nuffin!" he kept insisting. But my mommy heart was pretty sure I knew what he wouldn't say or couldn't describe...he was feeling left out.

So I brought him in the kitchen with me. I usually don't like help while I am cooking because...well, I can get it done faster without it. LOL. But I knew that this little one of mine has an inner NEED to be helpful. So I asked him if he'd like to help me cook the pancakes.

And with that one question, I lit a spark. He instantly perked up and was eager to do anything I asked. Yes I was working with things that were messy. Yes he was going to be working by a hot skillet. But this little boy of mine NEEDED to feel useful.

And so the two of us finished the pancakes and I imparted mommy wisdom about using utensils, stove safety, and how to tell when pancakes are ready to turn.

He did touch the handle of the cast iron skillet with his hand, but he was so into helping me, he insisted it didn't hurt. (later he decided it did a little bit and I put some Lavender Essential Oil on it) Perhaps he was worried he'd have to stop helping me.

Never was a little boy so eager to announce that breakfast was ready than when he placed the big pile of pancakes on the table. How excited he was to announce that he had helped mommy and that we even were going to have strawberries and "whooped cream".

We had a delightful breakfast and Baby Britches left the table full physically and emotionally. I had fed his belly AND his inner need to be wanted and helpful.

This taught me a valuable lesson. Even as little children, we crave the need to be useful. Can you think of times when you really wanted to help but were brushed off with a "we got this, no thanks"? What about you? Have you ever quenched someone's need to help--perhaps not even recognizing it was there?

I am absolutely guilty in this.

Perhaps I am the most guilty when it comes to the boys. I am working on making sure that I include them in things that allows them to spend time with me, even when I know it might get done slower, or done in a way that isn't "quite right". They need to feel useful, and they need the mommy time.

So many people have serving hearts--my littlest has a serving heart the size of Texas. Today taught me how badly I need to recognize it and help it to grow. And how much I need to check the status of my own, for to serve is what I as a Christian am called to do.

"For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another." 
Galatians 5:13 (NKJV)
The next time I am busy doing something--whether decorating at a gathering, putting food out for a potluck, folding clean clothes, or even making pancakes, I will try to remember to look for and feed the serving heart of someone in need.

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November 27, 2014

It is Good to Give Thanks

This year is disappearing so quickly and we'll be changing over to 2015 calendars very soon. It is hard to believe that we have already reached Thanksgiving 2014. Thanksgiving is a day set aside long ago by great leaders of our country--the Pilgrims in 1623, George Washington in 1789, James Madison after the war of 1812, and Abraham Lincoln in 1863--as a day to thank God for freedom, safety and abundance

No matter what craziness is happening around us, we are abundantly blessed beyond measure when compared to the rest of the world. Freedom alone is something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Our family always thanks God for our blessings and for the privilege of living in the United States. We are thankful for the founders of this country who recognized the importance of freedom and justice. 

May you and yours have a most blessed and reflective Thanksgiving 2014. Enjoy the time with your loved ones--cherish every moment and make beautiful memories!